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Administrative and Financial Assistant

Vacancy #:   6019
Unit:   TRAFFIC Southern Africa
Organisation:   TRAFFIC International (TRAFFIC)
Location:   TRAFFC - Southern Africa (Madagascar), Antananarivo, Madagascar
Reporting to:   INL Project Manager
Work percentage:   100%
Grade:   A2
Expected start date:   15 June 2022
Type of contract:   Fixed-term (12 months with possibility of renewal)
Closing date:   20 June 2022 (extended)
TRAFFIC International is a charity and limited company registered in the UK. TRAFFIC is the leading non-governmental organization working globally on trade in wild animals and plants in the context of both biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, striving to ensure that trade in wildlife is not a threat to the conservation of nature. We actively monitor and investigate wildlife trade and provide information to diverse audiences worldwide as a basis for effective conservation policies and programmes. TRAFFIC works in strategic alliance with IUCN and WWF on wildlife trade issues.

TRAFFIC’s head office, based in Cambridge UK, provides worldwide leadership, coordination, cross-regional and corporate functions. TRAFFIC’s local engagement is managed through six regional programme offices operating under the auspices of the UK charity, with staff based in a hub office and at other strategic locations where necessary. Programme offices operate within a geographic area of responsibility focused on one or multiple countries where TRAFFIC aims to help deliver priority programme outcomes.

This role will be hosted by WWF-Madagascar in Antananarivo on behalf of TRAFFIC.
Characteristic Duties

TRAFFIC is looking for an Administrative and Financial Assistant based in Antananarivo whose mission will be to support the development of TRAFFIC's activities in Madagascar. The successful candidate will provide administrative and financial support for the implementation of the LEMUR CWC ("Law Enforcement in Madagascar: A United Response to Combating Wildlife Crime") project and the CCWT (Combating Corruption and Wildlife Trafficking) project. The Administrative and Financial Assistant will work closely with the LEMUR CWC Project Manager, the CCWT Project Manager, the Legal Officer, the WWF team in charge of administrative and financial management, as well as with other TRAFFIC staff members in Madagascar and South Africa.

The LEMUR CWC project is implemented jointly by TRAFFIC and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (DWCT) with financial support from the International Bureau of Narcotic Drugs and Law Enforcement of the United States Department of State (INL). The project aims to build the capacity of law enforcement authorities to combat illegal wildlife trade.

The CCWT project is jointly implemented by TRAFFIC, WWF, Transparency International and the Alliance Voahary Gasy (AVG) with financial support from USAID. The project aims to: reduce opportunities for corruption in the natural resources sector; strengthen coordination capacities between relevant actors; and strengthen national and regional law enforcement mechanisms to combat corruption and illegal wildlife trade.


The Administrative and Financial Assistant will take care of the administrative and financial aspects related to the implementation of the LEMUR CWC and CCWT projects, including budget planning, expenditure monitoring, development of internal management tools, coordination of procurement procedures, payment tracking, mission planning and monitoring, consultant recruitment, contract management, and preparation and follow-up of audits, among other tasks.

Financial planning, monitoring and control
•Monitor monthly and quarterly expenses incurred by the LEMUR CWC and CCWT projects.
•Regularly update financial planning to ensure the proper use of project funds in a timely manner.
•Contribute to the preparation and compilation of financial reports for projects. Ensure that all financial control procedures are in place and ensure compliance with the requirements and regulations of the donors concerned.
•Update the inventory and ensure that all TRAFFIC assets in Madagascar are effectively insured, in conjunction with TRAFFIC's administrative and financial team in South Africa.
•Provide support to TRAFFIC's administrative and financial team in South Africa in the context of external audits. Assist in the preparation of end-of-project audits by ensuring that all supporting documents are available and easily accessible.

Missions and procurement of goods and services
•Support the organization of travel and missions for staff.
•Proceed to the reservation of airline tickets.
•Coordinate the purchase of goods and services by ensuring compliance with internal procedures.
•Make requests for quotes from suppliers and compare offers.
•Develop and track all advance requests (K1), claims (K2), and submit them to TRAFFIC's administrative and financial team in South Africa for processing in SAGE.

Human Resources Management
•Organize the recruitment of consultants: proceed to the publication of job advertisements, receive the application files, prepare the evaluation files, draft the selection minutes, notify the selected candidate, prepare the contract, follow the submission of deliverables and payments, etc.
•Assist the expatriate staff of TRAFFIC in Madagascar in their dealings with Malagasy administrations as part of their installation and departure from Madagascar (e.g. application for a residence permit, renewal, shipment of personal belongings, etc.).

Office Stewardship and Operations
•Ensure the stewardship and proper functioning of the TRAFFIC office on a daily basis: management of services (water, electricity, internet, telephone, cleaning) and communication with suppliers; regular supply of miscellaneous supplies and consumables for the office; organization of staff travel (reservation of vehicles and/or support for taxi travel); compilation of staff attendance sheets at the end of each month, among other tasks.
•Ensure the entry, registration, sending and follow-up of correspondence from the TRAFFIC office in Madagascar
•Ensure the archiving of correspondence and administrative and financial documents of the TRAFFIC office in Madagascar
•Ensure that all administrative and financial records of the TRAFFIC office in Madagascar (e.g. supporting documents of expenses, contracts, purchase orders, inventory of fixed assets) are organized, kept and updated.

•Maintain fluid communication with the administrative and financial teams of TRAFFIC in South Africa and WWF in Madagascar in order to anticipate challenges and best comply with applicable procedures.

Logistical support
•Provide support to the LEMUR CWC and CCWT Project Managers for the planning and organization of workshops and other activities, sending invitations, drafting meeting minutes, among other activities.
•Attend project events and meetings to provide administrative and logistical support, as required.

•Provide information on the projects according to TRAFFIC’s needs.
•Ensure compliance with TRAFFIC’s internal procedures in all circumstances.
•Perform any other tasks assigned by the LEMUR CWC and CCWT Project Managers and/or TRAFFIC’s administrative and financial team in South Africa.


The Administrative and Financial Assistant will work under the direct supervision of the LEMUR CWC Project Manager and the CCWT Project Manager, to whom he/she will report.

1.Holds a bachelor's degree or equivalent degree in management, administration, finance, accounting or related field.
2.At least three years of experience in the administrative and financial field, preferably in the implementation of development projects related to international cooperation.
3.Any experience working on U.S. government-funded projects will be considered an asset.
4.A good understanding of accounting principles and experience working with accounting software would be desirable. Familiarity with SAGE/ACCPAC will be considered an asset.
5.Highly motivated and results-oriented person.
6.Strong writing skills, attention to detail.
7.Strong organizational skills, ability to prioritize and execute tasks as needed, ability to work independently with remote supervision, and ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
8.Excellent command of IT tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
9.Excellent interpersonal skills, strong communication skills and good team spirit.
10.Verbal and written fluency in Malagasy and French is essential. Fluency in English will be considered a major asset.
11.Malagasy citizenship or permanent resident status essential.
12.Any proven experience or interest in the field of nature conservation will be considered an asset.
13.Ability to work in an international, multicultural, and multidisciplinary team.
14.Flexibility and occasional availability outside working hours due to the necessary coordination with teams based in other time zones.
15.Possible availability to travel within the country, if necessary.


•Professionalism, sense of organization, dynamism
•Autonomy, sense of initiative
•Team spirit and interpersonal skills
•Highly motivated and available
•Strong adherence to TRAFFIC's missions and values

Applicants are requested to apply online through the HR Management System, by opening the vacancy announcement and pressing the "Apply" button.

Applicants will be asked to create an account and submit their profile information. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date. The vacancy closes at midnight, Swiss time (GMT+1 / GMT+2 during Daylight Saving Time, DST). Please note that only selected applicants will be personally contacted for interviews.

Other job opportunities are published in the IUCN website: http://www.iucn.org/involved/jobs/

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