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Project Technical Assistant

Vacancy #:   6288
Unit:   West Asia - Drylands, Livelihoods and Gender
Organisation:   International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Location:   Regional Office for West Asia, Amman, Jordan
Reporting to:   Programme Manager, Dry land, Livelihoods and Gender
Work percentage:   100%
Grade:   A3
Expected start date:   01 July 2023
Type of contract:   Fixed-term (12 months with possibility of renewal)
Closing date:   15 April 2023 (extended)
The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is the world’s leading conservation membership union established over 70 years ago, and composed of over 1,400 member- organizations of both government and civil society organizations with the input of more than 18,000 experts. IUCN’s mission is to influence, encourage and assist societies to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable. Through its Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA) and related global programs, IUCN is seeking to strengthen its presence in Saudi Arabia on initiatives that align with IUCN’s mission and priorities.
IUCN ROWA is currently implementing a new project in Saudi Arabia aiming to carry out spatial and field studies on vegetation cover to identify the carrying capacity and suitable grazing systems. The project will be implemented by IUCN’s regional office for West Asia over two and half years (30 months). IUCN-ROWA will lead the technical supervision and oversight of the project, which requires a qualified employee based in IUCN ROWA-Amman with the possibility to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the Spring season (Tilad Environmental company and National Center for Development of Vegetation and Combat Desertification) for the achievement of the project goals and objectives.
The objective of this position is to conduct plant field survey inventories (e.g. species richness, frequency, density, and composition), estimate productivity and carrying capacity, estimate stocking rate, and develop grazing management plans. In addition, coordinate with other experts (GIS and plant taxonomy experts) to produce digital maps illustrating the spatial variation of the pastoral loads in different rangelands reserves in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (in total 10 sites). Also, organize training courses for the staff of the national center of vegetation development and combat desertification on plant survey inventories.
IUCN – ROWA is seeking the support of project management professionals for the effective and successful coordination of the project and the delivery of specific field activities. The position entails regular interactions with peers from national administrations, particularly the national center for vegetation development and combat desertification. The Project Technical Assistant will be working under the direct supervision of the Project manager/ Drylands, Livelihood and Gender Programme and will be based in Saudi Arabia (national center of vegetation development and combat desertification offices) with frequent travel to the Regional office based in Amman, Jordan. The contract duration will be for one year with a possible extension.
Below is a description of the scope of work intended for the Project Technical Assistant:

Under the supervision of the Project Manager / Programme Manager at Drylands, Livelihood and Gender Programme at IUCN ROWA, the Project Technical Assistant will have the following specific duties and responsibilities:

• The Project Technical Assistant will play a key role in supporting the project manager/ project coordinator to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the project activities and support to conduct all needed studies as listed below, in full compliance with IUCN policies, associated procedures, guidelines and standards, and the donor requirements (Tilad Environmental company and the national center for vegetation development and combat desertification) as per the project contract. The studies are;
1. Implementation of seasonal space and field studies of vegetation characteristics, data analysis, and estimation of pastoral load.
2. Determining the grazing system and the pastoral cycle for each site. Within the framework of this output, the grazing plan and the pastoral cycle are developed for each site.
3. Implementation of workshops, training courses, and field days in the field of vegetation cover characteristics assessment and estimation of the pastoral load at the target sites.
4. Preparing maps and geographical databases for the grazing load and the appropriate grazing systems.
5. Determine the number of animal units appropriate for each site: After determining the grazing load, the animal units allowed in each site can be determined with continuous evaluation for pastoral load priest
Under the direct supervision of the Project coordinator/Drylands, Livelihood and Gender Programme, the incumbent will be responsible for carrying out the following specific tasks:

Project implementation: In close collaboration and coordination with Tilad Environmental company and the national center for vegetation development and combat desertification, the Project Technical Assistant has to:
● Ensure the implementation of the project activities in accordance with the project documents and agreed-on work plans and RFP.
● Determining the grazing system and the carrying capacity in each site (in a total of 10 sites).
● In close collaboration with the plant survey expert, conducting workshops, training courses, and field surveys to inventory the characteristics of vegetation cover and estimate the pastoral load in the targeted sites.
● Develop technical progress reports and assist the project manager in tracking and reviewing financial reports.

Coordination and Communication: In close collaboration and coordination with Tilad Environmental company and the national center for vegetation development and combat desertification, the Project Technical Assistant has to:

● Coordinate with project experts and consultants to deliver the required studies and analysis.
● Coordinate the project’s field activities to deliver the project outputs and studies.
● Support the project coordinator and component leads in reviewing the produced reports related to the project.
● Coordinate/ facilitate the projects’ associated events, workshops, meetings logistics, and training.
● Conduct field visits to project sites and coordinate and facilitate fieldwork for project experts.
● Assist with maintaining strong relationships with relevant IUCN partners, maintaining communications and efficient collaboration with project beneficiaries.
● Ensure that IUCN knowledge products and tools are provided to IUCN ROWA’s communication officer as needed, with the required support, in collaboration with the donor (Tilad environmental company).
● Follow up on and update the yearly work plans to provide support to IUCN project management in coordination with the donor
● Ensure that the project information and required reports and indicators are updated in IUCN’s project portal.


● BSc degree in Agriculture Science (preferably Rangelands and plant production field), environmental sciences, environmental management, natural resources management, or any other related fields. A Master’s degree in Rangelands management has preferred as an asset.
● Extensive and practical knowledge of grazing management, carrying capacity, and sustainable rangeland management.
● Between 5-7 years of experience with project coordination.
● Demonstrated expertise and experience in the rangeland management field, specifically within the ROWA region.
● Experience in communicating and collaborating with management agencies, academic institutions, and local, national, and regional stakeholders to achieve agreed collective outcomes.
● Experience in pastures and/or rangeland information management at national and/or regional levels.
● Ability to succinctly compile large amounts of information into a coherent document for conservation practitioners and government officials.
● Excellent facilitation and coordination skills, the ability for managing the timely and effective delivery of both quantity and quality work on time.
● Strong communication and presentation skills and an ability to prepare appropriate and timely reports for various audiences and cultures.
● Time management skills including an ability to work effectively under pressure and to meet deadlines.
● Fluent in writing and speaking literacy in English and Arabic language.
● Proven ability to liaise and work with a range of stakeholders including government agencies, the private sector, and the local community, and in support of regional and national institutions
● Demonstrated commitment to achieving environmental conservation and livelihood goals.
● A team player who is able to contribute effectively to collaborative issues, and to demonstrate innovation and leadership, as appropriate.
● A good understanding of IUCN’s mission and a general attitude of being of service to others.

The above job description contains the main duties and responsibilities for this position. However, in a relatively small organization such as IUCN, staff members are expected to show flexibility in their approach to work and be willing to undertake other reasonably allocated tasks that are not part of their regular job description. Where any task becomes a regular part of an employee's responsibilities, the job description will be changed in consultation with the employee and the Human Resources Management Group.

Applicants are requested to apply online through the HR Management System, by opening the vacancy announcement and pressing the "Apply" button.

Applicants will be asked to create an account and submit their profile information. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date. The vacancy closes at midnight, Swiss time (GMT+1 / GMT+2 during Daylight Saving Time, DST). Please note that only selected applicants will be personally contacted for interviews.

Other job opportunities are published in the IUCN website: http://www.iucn.org/involved/jobs/

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