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Human Resources Coordinator for ORMACC – SUR Hub

Vacancy #:   6792
Unit:   ORMACC - Human Resources Unit
Organisation:   International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Location:   Regional Office for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, San José, Costa Rica
Reporting to:   Regional Director - Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
Work percentage:   100%
Grade:   SP
Expected start date:   08 April 2024
Type of contract:   Indefinite
Closing date:   05 April 2024
Our goal is to deliver proactive and competent Human Resources supported by and through guidelines and procedures that enable IUCN ORMACC SUR with all its diversity to reach its desired objectives.

The Head of Human Resources ORMACC SUR will spearhead and support line management in building and retaining a competent, motivated and productive workforce, fully resourced with talented managers and key specialists and with the capacity to achieve IUCN programme results, whilst ensuring that IUCN policies and global best practices in human resources management are implemented. To this end the key responsibilities include:
- Regional Director Support
- HR Strategic Leadership
- Regional HR Operations’ Hub Leadership
- HR Team Leadership
- Lead the management of all HR matters in the ORMACC SUR Regions
- Regional HR Hub Operations Leadership
- Policy and Compliance Management
- Guidance and Advise on all HR matters
Regional Director Support:

• Assist the Regional Director in setting the tone in the development and implementation of effective corporate strategies for better management and sustainability.

• Advise Regional Director on HR risk management issues, which may affect organizational performance, including issues relating to legal compliance, performance and conduct, and
employee relations.

• Advise the Regional Director on all internal communications regarding any matter that affects staff including structural and policy changes as well as HR matters.

• Provide strategic advisory to the region’s senior leadership team as an active member of the Regional Strategic Management Group (GREG).

• Provide routine HR reports to the GREG together with sound analysis of challenges, trends and recommendations to enable sound decision-making and support HR Officer and Focal. Points to provide reports of a similar nature to country-level senior management.

• Advise the Regional Director on organizational design and coordinate consultative processes with respect to management structures, design and classification of positions, and workforce planning.

• Take a lead role in coordinating strategic management reviews as these relate to people, culture and change together with the smooth and timely implementation of recommendations, with a particular responsibility for sound internal communications and mitigating and/or managing conflict.

HR Strategic Leadership

• Lead in the development of an organizational identity, culture and ethos that support the IUCN Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics for the Secretariat and IUCN’s Mission with an emphasis on equity, transparency, quality, continuous improvement, and high performance.

• Oversee the development of workforce and talent acquisition plans, which anticipate and respond to the changing needs of Offices and Programmes.

• Review and approve workforce planning during project development cycle.

• Oversee the development and implementation of capacity building and career development programmes based on organizational and employee needs.

• Work in concert with the Global Human Resources Management Group (HRMG) towards compensation and benefit systems, which are equitable and reflect market values.

• Adopt a collaborative role with HRMG in rolling out key HR initiatives.

• Managing employee relations issues, including conflict resolution, disciplinary actions, and grievances.

• Bring and share good practices related to automation, work flexibility, well-being and labor market trends.

HR Operations Leadership for Regional Hub
• General HR Administration. Overseeing day-to-day HR administrative functions, such as payroll processing, benefits administration, and record-keeping and documentation.

• Implementation and compliance with IUCN policies and procedures and best practices regarding all components of the HR management cycle.

• Staff cost budgets and headcounts

• Contracts administration and management

• Motivate and build the professional capacity of the HR team in ORMACC and SUR , facilitating the cross exchange of knowledge and skills to ensure that HR has adequate capacity to deliver quality services and that the individual competencies of the team are shared and fully utilized.

• Develop capacity of the line managers in people management and on-going appraisal processes and to provide strategic advice to senior management.

• Develop, maintain and enhance a common service level and problem-solving approach to HR operations across regions in consonance with global requirements.

• Assist with conflict mitigation/management/resolution as, when and where necessary.

• Facilitate open communications with employees regarding all matters that affect employees and their employment.

• Ensure that HR functions and services in the region are monitored on a regular basis, and undertake periodic HR internal reviews.

• Perform coordination and supervision roles for administrative functions at the Regional Office, as may be assigned by the Regional Director.

Policy and Compliance
• Lead in providing regional inputs to global initiatives for the development and/or enhancement of high quality and realistic HR policies, procedures and practices.

• Ensure that equal opportunity and gender concerns are incorporated in policies and given due regard in practice.

• Ensure that IUCN human resources management policies, procedures and Conditions of Service are aligned and comply with laws applicable to IUCN in its various locations across the region and that practices comply with requirements laid down by regulatory agencies, taking into account Host Country Agreements, where relevant.

• Ethical Leadership, acting as an ethical leader within the organization, promoting integrity, fairness, and respect in all HR practices and interactions.

Please Note: The above TORs contain the main responsibilities and duties of this position. However in an ever evolving organization such as IUCN staff members are expected to show flexibility in their approach to work and be willing to undertake other tasks that are reasonably allocated to them but which are not part of their regular TORs. Where any task becomes a regular part of staff member’s responsibilities, the TORs should be changed in consultation between the manager, the staff member and the HR Unit. Any one of the three may initiate the consultation.
  • At least 8 years of experience in a managerial position in a regional or international environment.

• Knowledge of all aspects of international human resources management.

• Academic studies at least of five years in HR management, or similar academic qualification such as law, sociology or business administration.

• Excellent managerial, analytical, interpersonal, negotiating and team building skills.

• Demonstrated skills and practice in strategic planning, policy, performance and change management.

• Experience of handling a cross-cultural work force in a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary setting.

• Ability to work under pressure with complex tasks and deal tactfully with sensitive issues.

• Willingness to maintain a balance between the operational demands and the strategic aspects of the post.

• Extensive and proven work experience in Latin America and the Caribbean.

• Knowledge of the conditions and benefits provided by other international organizations.

• Cultural awareness and sensitivity to gender issues.

• English and Spanish as a working language are essential.

• Fully computer literate and familiar with Microsoft Office and major software packages.

• Willing to travel frequently within the region and internationally.

Applicants are requested to apply online through the HR Management System, by opening the vacancy announcement and pressing the "Apply" button.

Applicants will be asked to create an account and submit their profile information. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date. The vacancy closes at midnight, Swiss time (GMT+1 / GMT+2 during Daylight Saving Time, DST). Please note that only selected applicants will be personally contacted for interviews.

Other job opportunities are published in the IUCN website: https://www.iucn.org/involved/jobs/

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